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Summer clothing

A true biker never gives up taking his own vehicle and in summer he takes advantage of it as much as possible, since the season also allows him to face very long routes enjoying a mild climate. With the summer clothing of the best brands you can take to the streets in style and protected without having to fear the heat and sweat. We offer you a selection of clothing designed for bikers who love the outdoors, but know that the air can become very annoying even in the summer. Summer clothes for motorcyclists offer you a high degree of protection compared to ordinary clothing, because they are designed to deal with small accidents and better withstand the impact with the air at high speed. Vests, trousers, jackets and other accessories such as helmets, in summer can make the difference and help you enjoy your free time on two wheels to the fullest. Designed not to hinder and not make you sweat too much, these garments have padding and protections at strategic points, such as elbows, shoulders, hips and knees and therefore allow you to travel more peacefully and also withstand any falls without forcing you to dress too heavy. Biker clothes and summer clothing are completely handmade by important brands such as Clover, Blauer and Acerbis, just to mention the most famous ones and allow you to always dress with a style that lives up to your passion. They are available both in unisex version, and for men and women with safety stitching and all the attention to detail you need for urban style, but also to go on an adventure with your crew.
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