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Air filters

The engine needs air to run. For this reason it is essential that it arrives with the right pressure and perfectly clean without solid residues and possibly without residual moisture. Air filters perform this function and change from one motorcycle to another depending on the model. It is very important to always keep the suction system in excellent condition. If the filter is too saturated with dirt, or damaged, the risk is to enter dei combustion chamber solid residues that could irreparably damage the piston and other parts, making repair impossible. Depending on the model of bike, moreover, there are different types of filter available, from those for ordinary performance to the editions optimized for getting on the track and for sport with versions also equipped with additional protections for high suction. Discover the motorcycle filters of the best brands, such as Acerbis and hi-flo that thanks to their experience and years of research in this sector can always guarantee optimal performance without loss of power, allowing you to enter into the combustion chamber only air free of contaminants and debris. This avoids the risk of carbides and scale formation, as well as abrasions from dust and debris. They are all components that are easy to replace in a DIY suit, using your tools without any risk of making mistakes, because motorcycle air filters have profiles that fit uniquely on the vents. Our products therefore allow you to carry out a thorough check-up whenever you want and replace them as soon as you notice that the performance is dropping, or your bike starts to make strange noises and sounds that you are not used to.