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If you love to travel you must equip yourself with a quality jacket designed specifically for routes on two wheels, able to guarantee freedom of movement, practicality and adequate protection in case of falls or impacts. Leather motorcycle jackets are a "status symbol" dei motorcyclists, an iconic accessory that is still among the most popular among centaurs. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, leather is particularly suitable for its peculiar characteristics that adapt very well to the riding style of a motorcyclist.

Features of leather motorcycle jackets

Leather jackets for motorcyclists ensure considerable abrasion resistance in the event of a slip or fall. Leather is one dei the first materials used for motorcycle jackets because it resists without tearing and without melting even with the increase in temperature following falls and abrasions. For this reason, leather jackets are also used by professional motorcyclists who race on the slopes.

The only drawback represented by leather jackets are the seams, which are rather weak in some parts. To overcome this problem, the seams of modern leather jackets for two-wheeled riders have been reinforced with a much more resistant technical fabric.

Another point in favor of leather jackets is the high fit, which makes movements while driving much smoother and easier. However, this garment requires continuous maintenance to ensure elasticity and softness and for rainy days you must preserve the waterproofing treatment.

How to choose the leather motorcycle jacket

The choice of a leather motorcycle jacket must be dictated first of all by the principles of safety and protection, then focus on reliable and well-known brands. A leather jacket with removable interior is the ideal solution if you use the bike mainly in summer. For the winter make sure that the model guarantees the right thermal insulation combined with a high degree of protection in the event of a fall.