Ricambi Airbag

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Airbag Parts

Are you looking for spare parts for your airbag? Here you can find them, just search...

Cartridges and cylinders

When an airbag explodes, some parts need to be replaced. This is why in this section you will find the various cartridge kits, with cylinders for refilling. There is no shortage of replacement belts , special keys and single and double activation cable (MAB) for your Motoaribag. If you want, if you are looking for the cover, or the vest to put on top, fluorescent yellow, here you can find it.

Of course the section is constantly updated, because every time an Airbag is presented on the market, we will try to have spare parts. Obviously, we will try to offer you the best prices thanks to the offers that are never lacking on our portal. If you are looking for something on the subject of protections, at this link you will find what you are looking for.