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Motorcycle and Scooter Candles

Motorcycle and scooter spark plugs (https://www.motorstock.it/candele-moto-e-scooter/4005-candela-ngk-kr9ci-0087295177952.html ) are very often underestimated components, while you should know that it is not enough that these are screwed into the head to be adequate to your scooter or motorcycle. Suffice it to say that installing a wrong spark plug to the bike will create considerable damage, which can lead you to replace entire parts of the engine, so it is good to pay close attention before making the purchase.

How to choose motorcycle spark plugs

There are several specifications to take into account when choosing candles. First of all we have the thermal degree, decisive for a correct combustion. An incorrect thermal grade can cause the engine to break. Then we also have the length of the thread, as if the spark plug to be installed is longer than suggested, considerable damage to the piston can be created. Then we consider the diameter of the thread, which is the one that allows the candle to screw to the head perfectly. In the event that the diameter is smaller than necessary, the candle would not be able to reach the head. Various motorcycle spark plugs such as the NGK KR9Cl and the NGK MOD are available on our website. CR7E. In addition to these, we have additional parameters to consider, such as the Gap and the number of tips, or the ground electrodes.

The importance of candles for motorcycles and scooters

There can be no petrol engine without a spark plug, as it is essential that there is a sufficiently powerful and constant ignition spark, so that the engine can provide high performance and respond well in cold starts. In addition, you will have lower fuel consumption and low emission of harmful substances. Depending on the number of revolutions, a spark plug must provide the engine with an ignition spark between 500 and 5000 times in a minute, being subject to high pressure differences and considerable temperature changes.