Flip-up / Modular Helmets

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Flip-up / Modular Helmets

Our wide range of helmets includes both crossover and flip-up models. Our products are lightweight, safe, versatile and customizable with the most beautiful graphics available on the market. The flip-up helmets (https://www.motorstock.it/apribili-modulari/24082-helmet-modulare-caberg-horus-matt-black.html ) have the chin guard that rises and folds inside, but always remaining attached to the helmet. As for the on off models, or crossovers, they have the visor and the peak physically removable from the shell, so as to have a multipurpose helmet obtained from a full-face one.

The importance of type-approval

Each of our modular helmets has a double P/J homologation. P means that it is a full-face helmet, with J, instead, that it is a jet helmet. The presence of both letters is required to ensure that the modular helmet in question is approved. We are talking about a necessary condition for the helmet to be certified, safe and authorized for use on the road, both in jet mode and in integral mode. The approval can be found on the label placed on the strap.

The wide offer

In our catalog of modular helmets there are no specific models for women or with special graphics designed specifically for them. Despite this, our offer includes models with rather versatile graphics and sizes, suitable for everyone, men and women, so that anyone can find the modular helmet that best suits their needs and tastes. If you do not know whether to choose a full-face helmet or a modular one, then you should consider that if the first is rather light, aerodynamic and quiet, therefore perfect for long trips and for use on the track, the second is more comfortable and versatile, therefore more suitable for city and tourist use. Obviously the best choice must take into account the desired comfort and the use that will be made of it. Our wide range of helmets includes not only the modular type, but also the top with regard to off-road, full-face and jet.