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Our kidney bands

Those who suffer from back pain and want to ride their bike in absolute tranquility, know very well how the kidney bands can be the most suitable solution. The function of this special accessory is to support the lower part when riding a scooter or motorcycle. It is a product not aimed at protecting against impacts in the event of an accident, although there are types of kidney bands equipped with rigid shells. In fact, we are talking about a real band to protect the lumbar area and dei kidneys.

The advantages of headbands

The good thing about this particular accessory is that it's absolutely quick and practical to put on and take off, so it's perfect for those driving in the city. The renal bands (https://www.motorstock.it/fasce-renali/31043-fascia-lumbar-k-belt-acerbis-black-grey.html) are composed of a comfortable velcro, often accompanied by snaps. In addition, once you have finished using them, you can fold them very easily, occupying a very minimal space. This means that they can be stored in a top case, saddle pad or backpack. The important thing is to be careful not to plague the slats inside them, as these have the function of support.

Why choose kidney bands

The purpose of therenal belt, therefore, is to facilitate the assumption of a correct position, allowing the driver to better withstand any road imperfections and potholes. It is good to know that it is necessary to choose the right size for the circumference dei the hips and waist. In addition to this, the renal fascia gives protection against cold, as it covers the lumbar area of the back. In this way the air is not able to penetrate, so as to keep the whole area warm. If you are looking for a quality kidney belt, then you are in the right place.