Scooter Lubricants

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Lubricants for scooters

The health of the engine depends strongly on the quality of the oil that is used to lubricate it and especially with scooters, which do not have a very large displacement, it is a fundamental element to avoid unpleasant surprises and burns of the cylinder. Choosing high quality scooter lubricating oils means better performance and lower consumption, high recovery, smooth acceleration as well as polluting less. Each model has its optimal oil and you should always check the technical data sheet to see which is the most suitable if synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral. Moreover, for particular performances and also for karts it is advisable not to rely on an oil chosen at random, but on the high technology dei cutting-edge producers such as Motul, Castrol or Bardahl and Repsol that can guarantee you the quality you need. If you are a sportsman or you have to rely on your vehicle for long journeys or for work in the city, on the oil packages are reported the main characteristics such as the recommended power of the engine, the type and other notes. For this reason, before ordering scooter lubricants, look among the proposals if there is one that is exactly right for you. Even with the season, then, it can be important, depending on the climate of your area, to choose an oil with an optimal viscosity to help your engine in the early stages after ignition and reduce the risk of grip. Remember that if you need to lubricate an engine that must potentially come into contact with water, the type of oil to be used is not the common one, but the specific formulation for outboard boating. Whatever your style, even if you need to prepare the mixture for the chainsaw, always choose a low-emission, high-viscosity oil, optimized for energy yield, and a high-performance scooter lubricant, which is convenient in both the short and long term.