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Back Protectors

Looking for a back protector to protect yourself? Here are the best at low prices!

The back protector, whether for motorcycles, scooters, skis, mtb or horses, is one of the most sought after accessories! After the helmet, in fact, it is one of the "must have" accessories, that is, that you can not have. This is because the back protector protects the back from any impacts on asphalt or anything else, so as to avoid spinal trauma. In short, it is that type of accessory, for which it is worth investing dei money. After the back protector, only the motorcycle airbag can do better.

To each his own

Clearly there are many types of back protectors. The best and most protective are the integral ones, equipped with suspenders that protect from under the neck to the upper part dei the buttocks. There are also those that protect only the lumbar part. Then let's be careful, because you need to know how, which and why to choose it! It starts from the budget, to then take the correct one based on the height and, sometimes, the right circumference of the waist. When should it be worn? All the time! Because it can make a difference in the event of an accident.

Plastic or technopolymers? Level 1 or 2?

The back protectors are made of plastic (outer part) and are equipped with comfortable padding (inner part). Recently, those in technopolymers have arrived on the market, a sort of softer rubber capable of hardening in the event of an impact. They clearly have a higher price, but weigh less and are less "annoying" on the back. They can then be Level 1 or Level 2.

Here you can find the best protections in this section. 100% you will find what you are looking for, with the best offers and promotions.