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In summer and when the heat begins to get unbearable you can not take to the streets with the usual winter helmet, especially if you expect several kilometers to get to your destination. The same thing applies if you want to deal with the traffic in the city without getting too nervous. Motorcycle helmets (https://www.motorstock.it/1439-caschi-traforati-moto) and perforated and lightened scooters offer the same degree of safety as winter ones, thanks to a structure designed to dissipate kinetic impacts from every direction and offer total comfort, even if you want to tackle routes that last hours. In fact, thanks to the adjustable openings you can be sure to always drive with your head cool, but keeping out the insects. Many different models of summer perforated helmets are available, starting from those that are mounted together with suits with exoskeleton, for maximum protection for the back, equipped with reinforced neck guard, up to the lighter ones. You can choose to combine your perforated helmet with an urban style, while preserving the health of the neck with minimally invasive but still effective cushioning systems that limit the free angle for the neck, in case of a fall. The guarantee of total safety while driving your bike is combined with the comfort offered by reinforced cordura laces, which prevent excessive sweating and metal snap closures, to unhook the helmet immediately. All models are equipped with a scratch-resistant retractable visor and made with the best materials, to minimize the negative effects of sunlight glare. These are products with certifications of suitability and suitable for urban traffic and on Italian and foreign roads made by the best brands for bikers and scooterists. By adjusting the fins, moreover, it is possible to reduce the amount of circulating air, for example if you are running fast on the motorway or in the mountains, thus making the driving feeling absolutely unique.