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Grex is a very important division of the Nolan Group brand, considered one of the most important helmet manufacturers in Europe. The company manages to provide its audience with a range of models with an intriguing and original design. Here's what you need to know about the Grex collection available in our online catalog, in the name of maximum sportiness and elegance.

Grex, a brand according to which helmets are trendy

Grex has always been synonymous with quality, convenience, innovation and the ability to keep up with the times. It is part of Nolan Group, a reality existing since 1972 and manufacturer of accessories for cars and motorcycles. Since the beginning, the brand has focused on the creation and sale of modern polycarbonate helmets, an innovative material with considerably higher than average resistance. The company has chosen to focus intensively on safety, offering you products that can withstand even rather violent shocks. All this without ever forgetting the need to create trendy models, with a unique and inimitable design.

The wide range of motorcycle helmets Grex for sale in our catalog

What does our website offer you regarding the Grexbrand? Motorcycle helmets of all kinds are ready to meet your every need. There are modular helmets with a shell with attention to detail, crossover helmets that focus on a compact style and cutting-edge technical features from every point of view. Grex is also aimed at a very young audience and offers you comfortable and safe children's helmets in all circumstances. Our online catalog is always complete and updated and leaves you spoiled for choice within a high-level range, full of unmissable offers!
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