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The saddle bags are very useful models in case you need to carry objects and accessories of various kinds for a certain journey. They are available in the motorstock catalog in different types and sizes, with the possibility of buying the perfect model for any eventuality. All you have to do is get to know our convenient and guaranteed effectiveness proposals.

Saddle bags: why they are so important for your every trip

Nowadays, doing without comfortable saddle bags for each of your trips is quite difficult. We are talking about products that best fit your upcoming needs. You can opt for durable or lightweight, soft or rigid models, depending on your space needs. Your goal is to wrap various accessories in a compartment protected from atmospheric agents, as well as sudden bumps and falls. The products are at your disposal in different materials and with various technical characteristics. The important thing is that they know how to contain everything you need for a smooth journey.

What are our saddle bags

The motorstock catalog offers you various types of saddle bags. For example, you can get hold of a convenient waterproof bag of 5, 10 or 20 liters capacity, capable of holding objects with very generous dimensions. The category of soft bags perfect for any occasion also includes rear top cases, designed in cordura and also excellent for enclosing small camping tents. Not bad even waterproof backpacks, ideal in case you need to practice physical activity and store various useful accessories. In any case, motorcycle bags and backpacks always come to your rescue for transport at the highest levels.
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