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Bardahl is one of the most important companies with regard to additives and lubricants of all kinds. The reality has grown exponentially through highly innovative solutions and a staff of experts continues to study new techniques without stopping. Here's what you need to know about this very important feat, taking a look at accessories necessary for the safety of your motorcycle.

What to know about the Bardahl brand

The birth of the Bardahl brand dates back to 1939, when an American entrepreneur of Norwegian origins, Ole Bardahl, managed to turn his passion into a real job. Since the early years, the company has proposed lubricants and additives for every engine sector, from industry to boating, from automotive to aerospace. Its solutions have always been considered predecessors compared to the times, with specific tests on machinery and vehicles in a state-of-the-art research center. Today, the company distributes in 90 countries and maintains its headquarters in Seattle. In Italy, it operates thanks to the collaboration with the Maroil brand and offers a wide and varied range.

A constantly evolving range of products on our website

What does Bardahl offer in our catalogue? Motorcycle oils and lubricants play a leading role thanks to the use of shear stable polymers and high-quality synthetic bases. Also interesting is the transmission oil, created using anti-wear and anti-foam systems and perfect even in rather complicated conditions of use. Finally, you can't forget about chain grease, designed to create a permanent protective barrier against wear and friction. Each product improves performance and guarantees a high level of safety to your mechanical vehicle.
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