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Fabric motorcycle vest

The complete collection of motorcycle vests in technical fabric , breathable and rainproof where provided. Design suitable for every style for riders who want to be able to face bad weather and wind without problems. You will find from lycra vests, to avoid the wind passing in spring and summer, even at high speed, to very light synthetic ones, to be kept in the glove box in case of an accident, with colors in accordance with the law and reflective bands. Riding motorcycles or scooters even in the summer means, sometimes, having to deal with the air and wind that put a strain on every enthusiast and those who have chosen two wheels as a means to get to work in a less stressful way, bypassing traffic. For every style and need there is a motorcycle vest in fabric on purpose, from tight ones, with maximum freedom of movement and to face even the curves in the mountains, up to the multi-equipped versions. They are all made of technical fabrics, enveloping and comfortable, with or without pockets, suitable both for those who want to face the road and for those who love to always have everything at hand. Different styles, from aggressive ones, for those who enjoy facing curves and mountains to those padded and comfortable for everyday life, the vests are also compatible with accessories for protection and have a design that avoids the risk of getting entangled. The fabric vests for motorcycles save from the wind, are available in many sizes, both to wear on t-shirts or lycra, and to wear on the jacket and offer a sporty and dynamic style. For those who love to feel the protection on and for those who prefer many pockets and wear the fabric vest for open motorcycles, while having a chat at the gathering or with friends, the important thing is always to choose certified and branded products, cut-proof.