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Midland for motorcyclists

The Midland is known worldwide for its know-how on telecommunications, a sector that currently also embraces motorcycling; In fact, your motorcycle rides would be much more "intimate" without using the intercoms, audio kits and the numerous electronic systems offered by the Midland. The company has a catalog full of accessories that allow you to communicate with your fellow adventurers, riding like you on their two wheels. For example, the Btx1 Pro Twin intercom is perfect for talking to the passenger and is equipped with high-performance digital noise reduction technology, as well as Superbass Sound speakers.

Intercoms with other accessories Midland

The Bt Next Conference is a solution designed by Midland to allow you to communicate easily with your centaur friends; The system is designed to allow 6 riders to connect in conference and talk 2 at a time. The Bt Go-Jet Plug and Play is a versatile intercom with which you can communicate with the passenger, but also with your centaur friend up to a distance of 200 meters. Also interesting is the Bike Guardian Wi-Fi, a camera that warns you in case of attempted theft; The cam works through a mobile application that allows you to keep your bike under control at all times.

Stands, power supplies and charging cables

The Midland leaves nothing to chance and that is why it offers you quality intercoms equipped with all the useful accessories for proper operation. The Pro Micro USB charging cable is equipped with a double micro USB connector and allows the simultaneous charging of a pair of intercoms, while the Enerjump Mini is a small and powerful additional accumulator that allows you to start the bike when the main battery is fatigued. Also worth mentioning is the practical mk-gps 43 support intended to house your smartphone or your GPS.
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