Guanti invernali per moto e scooter in Tessuto o Pelle

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Winter Motorcycle Gloves

When it is cold, the hands are the first thing that "suffer". They are an important part of our body that must therefore be protected. Rain, snow, low temperatures, are the phenomena that are most felt in the winter season. Protections on knuckles and palms must not be missing, but above all there must be "sensitivity". With our fingers, in fact, we can brake and pull the front brake lever and clutch, but also press the buttons on the handlebars, touch the touch of smartphone and navigator, and much more.

Gloves with or without protection

The gloves to fight the cold, can be both in fabric and leather, with or without protection. If the motorcyclist tends to buy them with protections, the same cannot be said for those who ride scooters. Be aware, however, that a winter motorcycle glove without protection, in fabric or leather, can protect very little in case of contact with the asphalt. We therefore recommend the purchase of a complete glove.

A motorcycle glove in fabric with protections, can be an entry level, if equipped with only protections to the main knuckles. The protections can be in simple plastic, technopolymers or carbon, and in any case have the function of absorbing the impact. Then there are the best equipped ones that offer protections also on the fingers, in the lower part of the palm and even the outside of the little finger.

Type of use

Tell me what bike you have, and he will give you the right glove! That's not quite the case, but almost. Every vehicle tends to have its own motto glove. The motorcyclist prefers fabric motorcycle gloves with a Gore-Tex membrane. This is because the membrane allows you to always have your hands warm in winter and dry in case of atmospheric phenomena, therefore rainproof. Those who ride scooters, on the other hand, tend to be less protected, so wear less technical gloves. In general, gloves that work with the touch of the smartphone are very popular. In addition to this, there are also other categories, since they can be short, long, and again, equipped with Velcro closures, zip, snap button ...

They can then have elasticated inserts, in spandex, in neoprene, with the palm also in clarinet ... and much more. Here you will find our selection of fabric clothing.