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Those who love to travel by motorcycle know perfectly well that you have to make the most of every minimum available space, so as not to have to carry heavy backpacks that can make driving dangerous. Custom bags and sissy bar bags are the perfect solution for bikers who want to face the road for days, without having to depend on anyone. They are made of leather or anti-cut synthetic material and all completely approved to be installed on the handlebars along the forks or on the sissy bar. This allows you to gain further space, without getting too unbalanced, even when cornering. The bags are all treated to withstand the weather and rain, with secure closures and the possibility of adding padlocks so as not to have to disassemble them every time you stop somewhere. Custom bags are the solution to gain all the space you want and are also designed to allow a second person to take a seat on the saddle, behind you, without having to look for difficult positions. Discover the completely handmade workmanship and the first choice materials, also treated to resist falls and slips without suffering significant damage and to help protect the chrome and most sensitive parts of your motorcycle, with their shock absorbing function. All custom motorcycle bags can also be treated with polishing and protective grease, to make their waterproofing even more effective and to reduce the small damages that invariably can happen with a lifestyle on the road. You can adapt the bags to your motorcycle thanks to the comfortable straps and straps with metal studs, also resistant to tearing and impacts.
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