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Leather is the main material used by riders for their motorcycle clothing because better than all other fabrics it resists rubbing on asphalt and on any other road surface. It is also particularly resistant over time and from an aesthetic point of view has no comparison. The motorcycle leather pants first of all ensure a high level of protection in case of bumps or falls and offers a very attractive and aggressive design for a typical biker look.

The features dei motorcycle leather pants

The skin in case of rubbing on the asphalt tends to retract and not to melt like other fabrics, so it offers a greater level of protection. If you treat your leather motorcycle pants in the right way and use specific washing products you can give them a long life.

The leather pants have variable thicknesses that adapt perfectly to the driving style and build of each centaur. They guarantee maximum wearability and leave the legs free to move without constraints, so as to have a much smoother and safer ride. They must meet the safety requirements En 1621-1 to offer adequate protection in the event of a fall.

In winter, leather trousers ensure considerable protection even from the cold; For the summer there are lighter, breathable and waterproof models in case of rain.

How to choose motorcycle leather pants

When buying leather pants for motorcyclists make sure that they are equipped with the appropriate reinforcements and protections especially at knee height.

Opt for a greater thickness if you have a sporty drive and therefore are more prone to falls. If, on the other hand, you use the bike mainly in the city, you can choose a model with a smaller thickness. Check that the trousers are equipped with all the necessary certifications and always favor personal safety and comfort rather than aesthetics.