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Motorcycle and scooter pads

The quality of your braking system is fundamental, because if you choose to rely on non-certified products, the risks to which you expose yourself can be enormous. The pads for motorcycles and scooters must always be chosen to align with your riding style, whether it is a scooter that must take you to work every day, or if for you the bike is an opportunity to do extreme sport and face difficult tracks. You can choose either the official products for your model, or the compatible ones produced by big brands such as Brembo, ZCOO and Nissin, just to name a few. The pads for motorcycles and scooters guarantee you the right speed of response, with an optimized damping transient, to preserve more discs and above all to prevent you from nailing out of control. For an off-road style, where it is essential to be able to stop the wheel immediately or a more urban oriented one in which the brake must also perform damping functions, you can find models of pads for motorcycles and scooters of the best brands and also for discontinued and vintage models. Changing components at the slightest sign of wear can save your life and is an operation that you can do alone with an extractor, following the guides you find on the internet and in many cases even with the tools you have in the garage. The ferodo, a fundamental component of the brake is the element that determines its quality and each model requires a hardness and a specific mixture to give the best on the road, on the track and in extreme conditions. If for your motorcycle model there are no official spare parts, then opt for the compatible dei the most famous brands, which guarantee you all the control you need on the road in all conditions, even in bad weather. If the braking is too long or even worse the jaws whistle, do not waste any time: change the pads and overhaul the system.