Protezioni per Moto

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Motorcycle protections Taking to the road or on the track with the bike, or facing an off-road route requires maximum attention, because accidents are always lurking and if you are not equipped with the right safety equipment you risk really big. With motorcycle protectors you can avoid serious consequences from falls for all sensitive parts such as shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists and hands, for the neck and back, as well as for the rib cage. Depending on the discipline you have chosen to follow, you should always wear kinetic protections that distribute the impact forza in the event of a fall away from the sensitive point as much as possible and dispersing it on the plane parallel to your body. Thanks to the use of carbon frames and other synthetic fibers, as well as the so-called kinetic foams, porous materials that dampen even the most intense impacts, damage is minimized. Motorcycle protectors are designed to prevent your body from making unnatural movements in the event of a fall, for example preventing your back from bending backwards, or from breaking your neck with a blow to the face. In fact, for example, collars and helmets stop the vertebrae within a safe angle and dampen the tear. All materials are designed to withstand impacts without producing splinters and not to cause the abrasion burn effect in the event of a grazing fall. Depending on the type of protection you can wear it directly over your clothes, or integrate it into other solutions such as track-ready suits and those for trial and off road. Depending on the sport you want to experience, choose the most suitable accessories for your measurements and your level, so you can tackle even the most complicated slopes without jeopardizing your health.