Sport Racing Boots

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Sport racing boots

To get on the track, or go out with the bike and face maximum acceleration, it is very important to use footwear designed specifically to protect your feet in the event of an accident and at the same time allow you good maneuverability and access to pedal controls. The sports racing boots have been designed to limit the movement of the ankle and foot without hindering access to the controls, making driving safer even in the event of an accident. Compared to normal boots and shoes, in fact, those designed specifically for racing are equipped with kinetic foam inserts that dampen the shocks to the bone of the shin, heel and side ones in every part of the foot. They also limit the possibility of torsion to make the risk of a rotational fracture practically null and above all to prevent getting stuck from coming off, opening cuts and injuries to a sensitive part such as your feet. Whatever your driving style, there is a model of sports racing boots designed especially for you, the result of the aggressive and sporty design of the big manufacturers, such as Sidi, Stylmartin and TCX, but above all of the experience of those who have always supported safety on the track and on the road for professionals and enthusiasts. Made of leather and synthetic materials with high cut resistance, sports racing boots are the perfect solution for those who want to run at high speed without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks and are equipped with safety closures designed not to be able to open randomly in the event of a fall, but to be easy to manage by any rescuers. Protecting your feet and ankles with technical footwear that offers you the right degree of sensitivity, with protected closures and kinetic padding, allows you to safely manage controls and balance, even when the route is very demanding.