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Motorcycle Waterproof Suits

The motorcycle waterproof suits are defined as such when the set consists of two pieces, the upper part, or the jacket, and the lower part, or the trousers. They are obviously waterproof, but you will easily find the writing in English, waterproof. Made of technical materials, they have the arduous task of not letting the water pass underneath, or not to wet the garment we wear immediately before. There are all kinds, with normal or elastic fabrics.

Because the... Two pieces?

Why buy a waterproof motorcycle suit divided into two pieces? The answer is simple, it is more practical. To put on or to remove, it is faster than the single piece, and being divided into two, it is clearly easier to fold. It can then be divided and stored in a point where we have more space, as opposed to the single, non-separable piece.

The economic advantage

Clearly, buying a motorcycle waterproof suit, the size is the same, both for the jacket and for the trousers. This means that if for example you bought a size 50, both the top and bottom will be that size. A mixed solution cannot therefore be chosen. If you fall into the latter case, you will have to forza make two distinct and separate purchases. However, buying a set, there will certainly be an economic advantage, since the price will be lower than having bought two pieces divided.

The choice of size

Needless to say, buying a waterproof motorcycle suit divided into two pieces, you will have to evaluate your "shapes". As mentioned above, the set is the same size, so you'll need to make sure you are, for example, an M both above and below. If the measurements do not match, the waterproof motorcycle suit that can be divided into two pieces, is not for you. The choice of the size must be made according to the use. If you have to put the suit over jacket and technical pants, the advice is to take a larger size. This is because you risk subjecting the taped seams, the basis of the waterproof seal of these garments, to excessive traction.

Black or yellow?

Is the choice of color really so important? Absolutely yes! Black is less visible in poor visibility. That's why there is no lack of reflective writings or taping so as to increase visibility at night or in adverse weather conditions. On the contrary, it will be less elegant, but yellow is the maximum in terms of safety, since being fluorescent, it is "noticed" at night or under beating water.

If you intend to buy, in this section, you will find the best offers on waterproofs of the best brands, both for men and women, such as Axo, Ixs, Dainese, Spidi, Tucano Urbano, Jollisport and much more.