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Heated clothing

When the season gets particularly cold it is important to have excellent protection on the bike, to be able to withstand low temperatures and longer routes. Thanks to new technologies based on resistive carbon fibers, heated clothing allows you to raise the temperature even when the environment is freezing. These are battery systems that feed low-intensity resistances inserted inside the fabric and that allow you to heat the most sensitive points by a few degrees, allowing your body to remain protected and warm, even when outside it drops a lot below zero. Heated clothing is practically indispensable in the case of snowy paths or freezing temperatures to be faced by motorcycle, but it is also an excellent aid simply for those who have to take the scooter to go to work in the morning, or just do not withstand the low temperatures of winter. The resistances woven in heated clothes are made of carbon fibers distributed with a technology that allows washing according to the rules on the label, just like for any other item of clothing. The supplied battery guarantees you an autonomy of several hours with a small footprint, because it is slightly larger than that of a mobile phone and is housed inside a special pocket. The battery can then be recharged overnight at home from a power outlet, to ensure you never run out. Heated clothes range from jackets to trousers, to gloves and socks as well as other accessories, because it is important to be able to take advantage of the comfort offered by technology and not have to endure an environment that can sometimes be too hostile for a motorcyclist. The heated clothes, together with the thermal ones, are ideal for long motorcycle crossings, but also for your Sunday outings in the middle of winter.