Guanti Moto in Pelle con Protezioni

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Motorcycle gloves with protections

When taking to the road with the bike it is very important to always wear technical clothing and accessories that avoid risks in the event of an accident. The motorcycle gloves with protections are made of leather and synthetic fiber to offer you maximum protection for your hands and fingers. In case of fall or impact the hands are always in danger and without gloves the risk of very serious injuries is very high. Thanks to the use of a combination of semi-rigid carbon shock absorbers, knuckle guards and kinetic padding, the gloves offer you the maximum possible protection for your fingers without clumsying your movements. The motorcycle gloves with protections have been designed to prevent unnatural dislocations of the fingers or hand openings in the event of an impact. These could expose the bones to the risk of breakage, but above all to prevent contact with the asphalt from causing burns and abrasions that can be particularly risky for any motorcyclist and scooterist. The gloves also offer you all the protection against the intense cold in winter, or, if you prefer the summer versions, you absolutely do not have to give up safe driving. Every biker has his own style and needs a type of protection that allows him to carry the bike as he prefers. There are those who want to have maximum control over the handle to speed at high speed and those who prefer gloves a little freer to enjoy the landscape and have more mobility for the hands. Discover the best gloves IXS, OJ, Spidi and Spyke, suitable for road bikes, custom for trial and offroad, as well as a wide choice of gloves and city scooters, with protections for fingertips and fingertips. They are all equipped with carbon inserts for strategic protection for the other parts of the hand, less demanding, but always very safe and above all warm and breathable in all weather conditions.