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Cross goggles

If you want to tackle the muddy and stony tracks with your bike you have to be aware of the fact that you will return home completely covered in dirt. For this you need protective clothing and cross masks, to prevent a stone or splinter from causing serious damage. Swim-and-cross face masks completely block access to your mouth and nose with replaceable filters that help you keep your lungs from filling your lungs with dust and debris, and a front cage that prevents rocks from chipping your teeth or injuring your eye. Thanks to polarized and sunscreen lenses, in fact, you can be sure of safe vision even after an impact, because the material resists extreme shocks. You can be sure that you can clean your goggles simply by using a glove or water, although you should use a product before storing them. Taking to the track without a face and eye protection can cost you dearly, because you never know if and when you will fall and above all how you will land. Cross goggles, in fact, are also equipped with shock absorbers for the face area, which keep the ground away from your eyes when it is too late and also save your nose. In fact, they are high enough to keep the bone away from the ground and well protected in the shock absorber foam. Depending on the route you have to do and your driving style, choose complete cross masks, or at least a large pair of glasses with polarized lenses, so you can be sure to return home all without damage. The accessories are compatible with most helmets dei this discipline and are all made according to European standards for materials, quality of transparency and impact protection.
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