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Universal Leg Covers

Riding your bike during the winter season is not always a good idea, because of the cold that you have to endure, especially at the height of the legs, or the part of the body less protected from the weather. Even if you use special motorcycle pants, you must buy dei universal leg covers (https://www.motorstock.it/coprigambe-universali-parannanza/5790-coprigambe-universale-tucanourbano-linuscud-8026492084405.html ), which is an indispensable accessory for motorcycles and scooters. It consists of a thermal sheet, which keeps the legs warm while moving on board scooters and motorcycles.

Why choose this product

The products of this type for sale in our catalog are specially designed to ensure maximum protection to the legs when using the motorcycle on the road. These are made with quality materials, equipped with waterproof and windproof function, as well as rainproof, able to keep the legs warm even on days when the temperature is more rigid. A great idea could be to also combine the purchase of gloves and hand knob covers, so as to protect yourself even more from the cold when traveling on the roads.

The advantages dei universal leg covers

We have a wide range of universal leg covers for motorcycles and scooters, therefore classic models, but also others equipped with fluorescent inserts, so as to be visible even in the dark. As for the Tucano Urbano leg covers, they are padded inside and in external nylon material, as well as being compatible with most of the scooters and motorcycles available on the market. By visiting our online store you can buy at outlet price dei leg covers of the highest quality. Don't miss the opportunity to keep your legs warm when you're on the bike, even in the middle of winter. Thanks to the high quality standard dei our leg covers you can order a comfortable and functional accessory, without sacrificing convenience.