Hip Protectors

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Hip protectors

When taking to the road or on the track with the bike, but also when you decide to tackle very demanding off-road routes, it is important to protect yourself as much as possible from the risk of falls and potentially dangerous accidents. Hip protectors are one of the most important accessories for those who intend to make the most of the potential of their vehicle and also face paths full of unexpected events. These are accessories that limit both the pain related to excessive vibrations in the hip, and to suffer the consequences of a blow, because thanks to the dispersive structure and medium-density kinetic foams they better distribute the forza of the impact limiting the risk of dislocation of the joints. Thanks to this type of falling protection, you avoid suffering too much stress on the legs, a factor that in many cases is also dictated by a conditioned reflex to tighten them against the saddle, but which can expose you to very serious risks, especially when the fall ends with a vertical impact. The hip protectors are very easy to wear and are professional accessories for athletes, designed to be easy to extract by any rescuer, in the event of an accident, as well as not to require complex maneuvers to be removed at the end of the session. They give you the protection you need to follow your driving style in any context and do it safely and without consequences. They are all certified and controlled products, designed to protect you without significantly affecting your driving freedom, always with a view to pushing you to an optimal and more programmable position. The material with which they are made, even in the event of impact against obstacles with a very acute profile, offers resistance and friction, reducing the energy on the orthogonal axis, to distribute it on a flexible surface, without producing dangerous splinters.