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Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Summer motorcycle gloves are available for both men and women. Yes, because even in summer you have to drive with your hands protected, you can be on a scooter or on a motorcycle. Protected in case of fall, as well as for the presence of insects, more conspicuous in summer, which can pinch the fingers of our hands.

Fabric or leather?

There are two types of summer motorcycle gloves: leather or fabric. Clearly the first are dedicated to motorcycle owners. They are chosen by those looking for maximum protection in the saddle, since the leather is more resistant to abrasion in case of crawling on asphalt. Summer motorcycle gloves are perforated, and can be short (on the wrist) or long (above the wrist).

Those in fabric, are less protective in case of fall, but allow a freer movement of the fingers. Summer motorcycle gloves made of fabric are usually chosen by scooter owners, who are looking for a less technical glove. There are also hybrid versions, half leather and half fabric, with the first on the side of the palm.

With or without protection?

Clearly summer motorcycle gloves are available both with and without protections. The former, have at least the rigid protections on the knuckles, but there are also protections on fingers and palm. They can be plastic or carbon. Also check the homologation, which must be strictly EEC.

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