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Heating gloves

Is it winter, and you have cold hands? We have what you are looking for, strictly on offer!

When you go on two wheels in winter, heated clothing is the solution... of solutions! Klan, Tucano Urbano, Oxford, IXS and many other brands, have what you need. Gloves in particular, allow you to say goodbye to purple, cold and icy hands during the toughest seasons. All this without counting heated jackets, heated pants, heated socks, as well as grips and thermal seat cover. All in search of warmth to say goodbye to the cold!

The types of gloves

There are multiple types of heated gloves. There are those powered by batteries (they are installed inside the glove), those with cable (the wire must be attached to the 12V socket or battery), and hybrid ones, or that can exploit both energy accumulators, and the cables of the 12V socket or battery that is. Clearly, the batteries range from 2 to 4/5 hours of duration, while with the wire, there is no limit of use!

The heated gloves can then be simple, only fabric, without protections, or more technical, or with protections. Most gloves dei provide resistance on the palm of the hand, but there are also those that boast resistance up to the fingers and even in the upper part, both of the phalanges and the back. In any case, until you try them, you will not know what we are talking about! Removing gloves on arrival and not having cold hands, in fact, is priceless, and above all, goodbye rheumatism!

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