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Fashion and Gadgets

When we talk about clothing for motorcycles and scooters, not for forza we always talk about leather, ultra-technical fabrics, protective boots, "Robocop model" gloves and so on. The world of motorcycles is also fashion clothing and gadgets! So gravitates everything in a world made of an outline of objects and gadgets, sometimes useful, sometimes not. Other times funny and witty, other times perfect to go out wherever you want.

Caps and T-shirts

Most of the fashion clothing and gadgets is formed by caps and T-shirts. The former, there are both elastic bands, for winter, summer or mid-seasons, or the classic baseball cap with visor. The latter are usually T-shirts (but there are also long-sleeved ones) or polo shirts. The T-shirts are clearly always inspired by the world of motorcycles, with photos or logos, both of the motorcycle manufacturers and dei the most famous riders.

When it comes to gadgets, you can find something fun. This is the case of the kitchen set for the motorcyclist who wants to feel like a Chef, or at least ... He tries. In any case, great gift ideas when you do not know what to give to a motorcyclist!