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Motorstock sells the best models of the vast production of the Italian brand Caberg, for several decades alongside dei motorcyclists. Let's discover together the cornerstones of a cutting-edge company, ready to guarantee you safe and reliable products with advantageous discounts.

Caberg, the history of the motorcycle helmet brand born in Bergamo

1974 is an important year for engine safety thanks to the birth of the Cabergbrand. The company was founded in Bergamo and its name is the acronym of CAschi di BERGamo. Since the beginning of her long experience, she has been noted for the full model Article 100 and a jet with a peak, Article 300. Two solutions immediately considered revolutionary. From the unhooked spring visor to the models that wink at dual sport motorcycles, passing through the flip-up helmets, the evolution has been rapid and unstoppable. Also interesting was the choice to develop products with a latest-generation integral sun visor, which directed Caberg and its customers towards the 2000s. The carbon shell, the perforated steel plate and the cross mask were just a few examples of a pioneering brand dei times.

Which Caberg products are on sale on our online store

Our online store offers you a wide range of Caberg comfortable and safe models. Of course, the leading role is occupied by full-face helmets and jets, ready to immerse you in an optimal feeling of safety. So, you can focus on a wide collection of the latest generation of visors, which can be modular or transparent, scratch-resistant or with shell. Also interesting are the kits for air intakes, those for gaskets and many other spare parts for motorcycle helmets on which you can rely. In this way, Caberg and motorstock offer you a partnership in the name of quality and convenience.
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