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If you have a passion for motorcycles and scooters and you know perfectly well that your vehicles are the ideal solution to face the worst traffic in all seasons, you need adequate protections. If it's cold or raining you definitely need ( https://www.motorstock.it/1523-coprigambe-e-termoscud ) leg covers and electric blankets, because when the weather conditions are adverse, speeding along the streets clogged with cars could make your legs freeze. With the protections, however, you have the certainty of being able to move while remaining dry and warm, even if the rain is prohibitive. All motorcycle and scooter accessories are made of composite materials, which bring together the three features you need while driving: dry legs, warm and freedom of movement. The blankets are designed to be mounted directly on motorcycles and fairings, with clip hooks, safe in traffic and easy to disassemble, to take away the cover with you if you have to leave the vehicle on the road or do not trust. The fabric, thin and easy to fold, is made of a hydrophobic material and therefore there is no risk of finding it full of moisture in the top case. Even for accessories such as the mobile phone, then, there are safe protections, which you can fasten in a convenient place. The leg covers and thermoshields adapt to different types of fairing, to allow you to mount them even on enduro bikes and have an elastic sheath designed to step aside when you have to put your foot on the ground, without resisting, but rather, withdrawing immediately to adhere perfectly to the bike. The fabric is designed to withstand the elements, but it is fragile enough, in the event of an accident, to tear without getting hooked to obstacles, thus allowing you to manage the fall as if it were free-body, thus limiting the risk of damage. In addition, you can also mount heaters and inflatable systems with the pump, for greater driving comfort when winter puts you to the test.
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