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Maintenance dei helmets

For any motorcyclist, head protection is essential, which is why the maintenance dei helmets requires products that are up to the function, both to eliminate bad smells that form in the long run, especially with closed ones, and for external cleaning. You cannot use a random product to clean the helmet, because the plastic material with which it is made can be very sensitive to the presence of hydrocarbons, solvents and volatile substances that can jeopardize its structure. To eliminate stains or dirt and bring the outer part back to optimal condition, it is necessary to use a specific polishing spray for the maintenance dei helmets, which also performs a protection function against dirt over time. Inside, however, it is necessary to use certified products to reduce bacterial proliferation, where the helmet has come into contact with the scalp and sebum, or for the front, where it breathes. Also for the visor it is important to use a product that can eliminate halos, which in particular with full sunlight or during the night hours can make safe driving practically impossible and therefore force you to keep the protection open. For your bike always choose safe and anti-allergic sanitizing products, since they will have to come into direct contact with your face and head. The important thing is that they do not leave annoying residues or penetrating odors. The purifying products for the environment inside, for the padding and the parts in close contact such as the strap, as well as for the maintenance of the helmet in general and the visor are all biocompatible and 100% sanitizing. Those for external cleaning have received the necessary certifications to ensure that their use will not make the plastic material porous and will not cause the plaques or your decorations and adhesives to detach, helping you in a safe and lasting maintenance of the helmet.