Prodotti Per La Manutenzione

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Maintenance Products

Have you ever thought that maybe, your technical clothing needs a little... Care? Know that there are dei specific care products for leathers and fabrics. This is because what we normally find at supermarkets is not indicated. The question is, are these maintenance products really useful? Absolutely, and let's see why.

The waterproofing

Among the products for the maintenance dei fabrics, we cannot fail to mention the mpermeabilizzante, usually, proposed in spray. Sprayed on garments, as well as on shoes, it manages to produce a sort of patina that does not allow water to pass. Of course it can't work miracles, but it works and is not to be underestimated.

The impregnating agent: stain-resistant!

We then mention another very useful product, the impregnating agent, aliases, stain-resistant. The impregnating agent therefore acts as a real delicate stain-resistant agent, obviously created for textile articles with and without membranes. Easy to use, it is ideal especially for light-colored garments, such as sand, or the fashionable ice color. Here you will find a selection of our fabric clothing.