Windshield and windscreens

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Windshield and fairings

In winter or bad weather it becomes difficult to get around with the motorcycle or scooter without a little protection. Windshields and screens made of highly flexible polycarbonate are the only solution to avoid returning home soaking wet and frozen. They are accessories that are easily mounted on the handlebars of most scooters, even in very dated ones, using the special brackets supplied and with basic tools, which allow you to ride with more relaxation even when the weather is not good. By their nature, scooters and screens are very often exposed to temperature changes and stress related to the presence of dust and debris along the road. The high quality transparent polycarbonate material with which windshields and screens for motorcycles and scooters are made has been designed to drastically reduce the risk of scratches and permanent damage, but it is still destined for a periodic replacement within a few years. Even for motorcycles the fairing is essential to protect the dashboard and hands. In some cases it can be damaged, both for vandalism and as a result of accidents, or if the vehicle is always on the road and faces long crossings, it could suffer opacification damage due to sunlight dust and temperature changes. Discover the most suitable model for your motorcycle or scooter and replace it in a DIY suit, following the instructions in the package and with components in accordance with and certified for Italian and European roads. If you want to make your riding even more stable and safe, you can also add rubber seals that reduce vibrations and moisture infiltration, especially for motorcycles. You will also find attachments and accessories for assembly, custom models and for historical vehicles, with a selection of the best brands and a catalog always updated with the latest news.