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Leather suits for motorcycles

Facing the road exposes you to cold and bad weather, as well as dangers in case of falls or accidents. For this reason, it is advisable to minimize the risks by adopting the right sportswear. Leather motorcycle suits are the ideal solution for all speed enthusiasts and people who need effective coverage on very long distances. They are made of multilayer leather laminate, which alternates natural material treated scratch-resistant and synthetic layers to reduce kinetic impacts and burn effects in case of falling with rubbed. All leathers are treated to withstand all kinds of stress, such as bad weather and frost but also critical events such as scratches and cuts, thus offering maximum protection for any motorcyclist on the road. In addition, they are equipped with the necessary protections and foam padding for knees, elbows and shoulders, compatible with safety devices such as helmets, collars, elbow pads and boots, as well as excellent to be combined with gloves that protect the fingers from frost and the risk of fractures if there should be a bad fall. The leather suits for motorcycles are also designed to offer great freedom of movement and little grip in case of rubbing, thus allowing to better distribute the forza and to allow a safer fall. In addition to being protective elements, leather suits for motorcycles are characterized for sportsmen who love speed and offer a really aggressive look, with whole and broken models for your style. They are produced by the best brands such as Dainese, Spyke and Suomy, just to name a few, which with their quality guarantee safety and durability for an investment destined to accompany you throughout your life as a motorcyclist