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ABUS has always put at your disposal a wide range of accessories that can improve your safety on board a two-wheeled motor vehicle. Discover with us the prerogatives of a high-level brand, with the chance to find the models that can do perfectly for you.

Brief history of the ABUS brand

The ABUS brand was born in Germany in 1924 and has been managed since its foundation by the Bremicker family. In origine, he was involved in the production of the sale of padlocks. Over the years, it has expanded and diversified the offer by offering security and video surveillance systems, as well as opening and closing models for various types of mechanical vehicles. The company has grown to take on a global dimension, guaranteeing the best among cables, chains and supports of all kinds. Today the brand is among the leaders in the sector, as well as being one of the most serious and reliable dei in the marketing of high security technologies.

What products does it sell ABUS

What are the ABUS products available within the extensive catalog of motorstock? As soon as you enter our online store, you are spoiled for choice between top-of-the-range mechanical and technological equipment. In this regard, a leading role is undoubtedly occupied by modern chains, able to attach motorcycles and scooters to any type of support. The disc lock with alarm ensures that your mechanical vehicle is always safe from any break-in attempt. At the same time, you can choose cables and stands that are perfect for all occasions, which can further improve the performance of each of your devices. ABUS has always been considered synonymous with quality and convenience, with many accessories ready to make your experience on board more and more pleasant and safe.
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