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Summer Motorcycle Jackets and Jackets

Have you ever thought about how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle without technical clothing? In summer especially, it is easy to ride a motorcycle or scooter in t-shirts and shorts. This is because the heat leaves no breath. Going in a T-shirt on two wheels, however, is highly dangerous, since you are without protection. After all, the jacket, cordura or leather, makes you sweat like hell. The solution is therefore summer motorcycle jackets. Also called perforated, they are the solution to all this.

The solution is perforated

As mentioned above, the solution is the summer motorcycle vest, aka perforated. There are no excuses, having holes in every part, the jacket, as soon as you leave, lets the air enter it, so as not to sweat anymore. All over the chest, as well as on the arms, the garment allows you to let air pass without sweating. The only point where we do not find the perforated, is on the shoulders and elbows (the areas that touch the ground in case of an accident to understand each other) and the part dei reinforcements, such as the belt and cuffs. Yes, because even the back is perforated!

Safety, always!

Summer motorcycle jackets, unlike a duster or denim jacket, have EEC approved protections on shoulders and elbows. This is to prevent injury to our body in the event of a fall. There are also pockets to insert objects such as mobile phones and keys. In the back, we often find the pocket created to house the back protector. They are usually black, ice or black and fluorescent yellow. Prices start from 50 euros upwards.

Here, you will find a selection of summer clothing from the best brands such as Axo, Ixs, Dainese, Tucano Urbano and Acerbis.