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Communicate by motorbike with Cardo

Cardo is the world-famous brand that offers you the best solutions in terms of motorcycle communication, a constantly expanding sector that promises you increasingly beautiful and engaging trips. The Cardo Packtalk Bold Duo Conference is one dei the best examples of the brand, thanks to its maximum range of 8 km, ideal for communicating quietly even at a certain distance. The DMC technology, exclusive Cardo patent, allows you to simultaneously connect up to 15 motorcyclists, who remain independent, therefore free to dissociate and answer the phone without interrupting the group conversation.

The world of Cardo

There are numerous bluetooth systems that Cardo puts at your disposal on motorstock. The Freecom 2 allows communication between two motorcyclists and stands out for its particularly elegant and refined design; it adapts very well to any helmet on the market and is waterproof, while its effectiveness is guaranteed by the mounting of HD stereo earphones, the best solution to communicate well without misunderstandings. The Freecom 4+ allows conference mode and can involve up to 4 riders within a radius of 1 Km and 200 meters; It is equipped with JBL Pack and can dial a number using voice commands.

Accessories Cardo

A good bluetooth system is nothing without the necessary accessories that Cardo puts at your disposal for any eventuality. The audio kit Cardo allows you to prepare your second helmet with the intercom, so you don't find yourself in trouble every time you want to wear the "jet" rather than the full-face helmet. The Cardo spare parts, of which the 40mm Speaker set is an example, are perfect for keeping your bluetooth system efficient without being forced to lean towards the purchase of a new equipment. The Audio Set HD 45mm consists of two magnificent JBL earphones and guarantees you flawless performance.
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