Neck warmer

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A neck warmer is a simple accessory thanks to which you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of warmth, especially when the weather conditions are particularly adverse. If you want to protect your neck from wind, rain, hail and other weather, this little object is ready to come to your rescue.

How to choose the best neck warmer

The choice of a neck warmer can be determined by a long series of very interesting factors. Such an object requires only a few seconds of attention in order to wear it in the best way. It is a perfect accessory not only when you are in the saddle, but also during any stop. Whether it's a schooner or a tubular, what matters is that it wraps your throat in a feeling of absolute protection. Even the smallest draught of air can seriously endanger your health and you must know how to remedy any situation that could prove to be very unpleasant.

A range of high quality motorcycle neck warmers

motorstock offers you a wide range of models perfect for a safe and protected neck. From collars to lycra tubulars, from schooners to masks, passing through collars and neck protectors, the collection is ready to guarantee you comfort and comfort on every trip on board your motorcycle, making you always feel in optimal condition. Not bad even the multifunction tunnels, latest generation models excellent for covering the mouth and nose. Overall, we offer you neck warmers of safe and certified quality, among which you are spoiled for choice. Compare the various offers and choose the product that you consider suitable for every occasion.