Heated Shirts and Vests

Heated shirts and vests

Any motorcyclist and scooter rider knows that when winter comes and the air gets cold it becomes almost impossible to tackle the road without the right degree of protection. Sometimes, however, you need something more like heated shirts and vests. They are the result of design and technology, combined for cutting-edge products to keep you warm, with a fabric based on conductive carbon fiber and highly insulating materials. With a small battery, rechargeable after removing it from the case integrated in the jersey or vest, or with an adapter, directly from the motorcycle system, a network of safe resistances is powered that emit pleasant infrared rays along the most critical bands of the body. To be heated are the areas subjected to the effect of wind and frost while you are riding the motorcycle or scooter in the city and even in the mountains. The technology allows more than enough autonomy to face even rather long journeys in extreme weather and, if it is combined with other solutions, it almost completely preserves you from the effects of intense frost. The heated jerseys and vests, in fact, have been designed to have an excellent thermal inertia, that is, to preserve the heat once it has been produced by your body and increased by the resistances. In addition, the protection circuit prevents overheating from exceeding a certain threshold, thus making it absolutely safe to wear this type of clothing in all conditions. The resistances are woven directly into the weft, protected by rain- and moisture-proof gaskets and this allows you to face any type of climate, even the worst, with heated jerseys and vests, without having to worry about short circuits. In fact, the battery inside is slightly more powerful than that of a mobile phone, more than enough to guarantee you all the necessary warmth and has the safety exclusion circuit.