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For a motorcyclist, safety comes first, including from the elements. For this reason, you will surely be preparing for the arrival of the winter season thinking of buying a fabric motorcycle coat. It is a shoulder cover that protects from wind and rain, while allowing you to maintain the same freedom of movement that you can enjoy when riding in more pleasant temperatures.

Protection yes, but without renouncing style

Another dei advantages of the motorcycle fabric coat is that it is not overly technical in terms of design. In short, to make a long story short, once you get off your bike you can safely walk down the street or enter a bar without being observed by passers-by as if you were an extraterrestrial. Practicality, therefore, the fabric coat combines sobriety, allowing you to maintain a casual style even on your scooter.

Not only for winter

The motorcycle fabric coat is undoubtedly a garment to buy and wear in winter, since thanks to the impermeability dei the fabrics and the presence of the hood, it can guarantee you an important protection from wind and rain. That said, the motorcycle coat can also be useful in spring. How so? You should know that it is equipped with an internal membrane (connected through zip or buttons, depending on the model) that is easy to remove. Once the membrane is removed, the coat will turn into a motorcycle outerwear suitable for mid-seasons.

Safety first

Even before design, what matters for a real scooter rider like you is safety. In this regard, the fabric coat is equipped with protections on shoulders and elbows, naturally EEC approved. Some dei coats that you can find on motorstock, in addition, are equipped with predisposition for the back protector. Last but not least are the inner and outer pockets where you can store your mobile phone, wallet and other items.