Cross Enduro Harnesses

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Enduro cross harnesses

Safety is essential on the track and a bad fall can have very serious consequences if you are not equipped with protection systems. Enduro cross harnesses offer protection for kinetic impacts to the sternum, ribcage and shoulders as well as other parts of the body depending on the model. They are worn on special t-shirts prepared already equipped with a kinetic damping system that also helps a more natural breathing under stress. They are made of shockproof plastic material that absorbs much of the forza of impact, making the consequences of a frontal fall much less serious. The harnesses for enduro motorcycles can also be equipped with integrated straps and compatible with carapace and exoskeleton for the back. In case of difficult maneuvers or when there is a risk that the mass of the bike will be felt considerably, forcing you to assume unnatural positions, especially in aerial maneuvers, it is important to have your back protected by an exoskeleton. With its flexible vertebrae it prevents the formation of unnatural curves and limits twisting, making it easier to maneuver the bike and less burdensome an impact. It also protects the neck with the helmet lock. Enduro cross harnesses and other protectors are all padded with certified kinetic foam, easy dei rescuers to remove, as well as very simple to wear alone before taking to the track. Each athlete has his own style and can decide what kind of protection to wear if a semi-rigid armor or several modules, also depending on how demanding and dangerous the route to be carried out. This is to always have maximum safety, even during training, or for an undemanding outing with friends on the track on the weekend.