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Complete bodices for motorcycles

Are you looking for the best Moto Bodys, at advantageous prices?

When we talk about Complete Bodices, we are basically talking about motorcycle harnesses. Full bodices are the ultimate in upper body protection. They usually include back protectors, elbow pads and shoulder protectors. All these pieces form the complete bodices, as they are joined by a jacket that can be of different materials.

Plastics or engineering plastics

The complete bodices, born as rigid protections for enduro, freestyle and in some cases are used for use on the road (but there are examples for use on mountain bikes, downhill in the first place!). We are therefore talking about preformed plastic shells, then equipped with padding to dissipate the forza of impact on a larger surface. With technological development, it was then discovered that some protections make the best with technopolymers, a sort of rubber, soft, which hardens on impact. This then, in normal use remains soft, thus making it more comfortable.

The complete bodices are therefore ideal for those looking for maximum protection. Clearly above you can wear an enduro jersey, but also a technical motorcycle jacket, provided you remove the rigid protections that are normally provided inside. The complete bodices are also sweat-resistant, so they can be worn even in the hottest seasons or when you are under physical exertion.

If you are looking for protections to wear in this section you will surely find what you are looking for, with the best offers and promotions.