Top Case and Suitcase Attachments

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The trunk and suitcase attachments are very useful items that allow you to easily transport objects of different sizes and weights in total comfort and safety. On our site, you have the opportunity to find numerous types of quality bindings and accessories at competitive prices. Come and discover the models that best suit your needs.

What are trunk and suitcase attachments

The attachments for top cases and suitcases must be chosen according to the intended use and compatibility with the brands dei the respective two-wheeled means of transport. First, you should make a distinction between side attacks and rear attachments. As you can well guess, it all depends on the exact point where you can dock dei various objects. In this regard, to facilitate operations, you can order a screw kit, which is an additional replacement for rear and side connections. In this way, you minimize the risk of losing load during your journey especially in case of uneven roads or rough routes.

An ever-expanding range of accessories

Within our catalog, you have the opportunity to choose numerous top case attachments and suitcases. For example, dei convenient luggage racks allow you to insert all the accessories you want, with very generous spaces for each of your routes. The side frames are also strong, excellent for rigid and soft bags and compatible with most dei brands in circulation. The universal plates are particularly useful and versatile and you can use them, in a practical and functional way, perhaps by hooking the individual objects with special ropes, nets and motorcycle tapes. Whatever your preferred system, what matters is to make sure that you can carry any object without difficulty and preserving its integrity.
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