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Gloves have become a fundamental accessory for motorcycle clothing in order to guarantee the right protection from cold and bad weather and improve safety in case of falls or slips. Leather motorcycle gloves are among the most widespread because this material fits perfectly with the needs dei riders while riding. Impact protectors are among the first requirements to be evaluated because in the event of a fall instinctively you use your hands to protect yourself. This is why it is important to choose gloves with protections.

Features dei leather motorcycle gloves

Leather, regardless of whether it is cow, goat or kangaroo, is a noble and particularly soft material that therefore does not inhibit the use of hands during acceleration, braking, steering, etc. It has a high degree of resistance to tearing and abrasion and represents a sort of second skin that protects in case of falls.

The leather gloves for motorcyclists ensure excellent grip, a necessary condition for a solid and safe ride especially in case of rain.

How to choose the best leather motorcycle gloves

If you use the bike all year round to go to work or for your daily commute, I recommend choosing leather gloves that offer good thermal resistance to protect you from cold and rain. Make sure that the necessary padding is present and that the wrists are adjustable, so as to avoid the passage of cold air inside.

If, on the other hand, you use the bike only sporadically and especially in hot seasons, focus on thinner and more breathable models, so as not to suffer the sultry heat and avoid the problem of sweaty hands that could compromise the rideability of the bike. Even for these gloves, however, a high level of waterproofness is necessary, since rain is a danger present every day of the year.

Finally, motorcycle gloves should have sleeves that, despite being considered unsightly, represent an excellent protection of a part of the forearm.