Summer Motorcycle Pants

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Summer Motorcycle Pants

Just like summer motorcycle jackets, summer pants cannot be neglected. The heat leaves no breath? The solution is not normal jeans, but perforated trousers, in cordura, so as not to sweat too much. The solution is therefore summer motorcycle pants. Also called perforated, the ideal solution.

Anti-heat perforated

Having the holes in different parts, as soon as you leave the pants will let the air inside. A simple solution to stop sweating. On the shins and thighs, the garment allows air to pass without increasing the temperature of our body. The only point where we do not find the perforated, is on the knees and butt, as well as on the hips.

Constant security

Summer motorcycle pants, unlike jeans, are equipped with EEC approved protections on the hips and knees. This is to prevent injury to our body in the event of a fall. There are also the usual pockets to insert small objects such as pennies. They are usually black, ice or black and fluorescent yellow. Prices start from 70 euros upwards.

Here, you will find a selection of summer clothing from the best brands such as Axo, Ixs, Dainese, Tucano Urbano and Acerbis.