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Motorcycle touring boots and shoes

Lovers of two wheels often need to wear special footwear to be able to face long routes safely, or to get on the track. Motorcycle touring boots and specific shoes allow you to face every situation with style, always keeping your feet safe, thanks to technological solutions and a choice of materials designed specifically to withstand shocks, accidents and above all atmospheric agents. The most aggressive bikers love the classic leather boots to match their rough look, choosing between various models of camperos and others more suitable to face the harsh winter climate. Those who love to speed at high speed with their faired motorcycles prefer motorcycle touring boots and high-safety shoes, with heavy kinetic shock absorbers and solutions to limit the risks borne dei feet in the event of a fall. In addition, their design is designed to make it easier to access the pedal controls, without ruining the tip of the shoes, or choosing a protection to be applied on normal shoes, to use them for small motorcycle trips. Finally, there are all the people who love to go around by motorbike or scooter every day in the city, but still prefer to stay safe by choosing shoes, ankle boots and footwear with a more urban look but designed for their style and their passion on the street. Design and taste, the result of the work of great brands such as Acerbis, IXS and Dainese allow you to face your motorcycle style as you want with the certainty of always having your feet well protected. Many models are also designed to be able to use them comfortably even in everyday life to maintain the feeling and always be ready to ride in the saddle, with unbeatable quality and costs.