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Cables and batteries

You know, one dei biggest annoyances when riding a motorcycle or scooter is the icy wind that whips the driver. To better protect yourself during the coldest days when this is definitely not good for health, motorstock offers cables and batteries (https://www.motorstock.it/2457-cavi-e-batterie ) to have a thermal clothing always performing. These are tested and safe products, supplied by important partners such as Macna ( https://www.motorstock.it/cavi-e-batterie/56643-cavo-adapter-macna-hotvest-ion-electron-progress-unite-8718913089136.html ), Klan ( https://www.motorstock.it/cavi-e-batterie/16211-kit-batterie-klan-per-giacche-e-pantaloni-74v-6000ma-8718966000447.html ) and Tucano Urbano ( https://www.motorstock. it/cavi-e-batterie/19142-carica-batterie-tucano-urbano-per-guanti-9969hu-8026492117844.html ), shipped quickly and guaranteed for their reliability and long life.

The importance of thermal clothing

Thermal clothing plays a really important role for drivers of motorcycles and open vehicles because even at high speeds it allows you to maintain an adequate body temperature and travel in total comfort without the cold air that hatefully infiltrates every crevice and can lead to colds, muscle pain and other ailments. These garments are made of technical material and have a double function, in fact, in addition to shielding the cold, they avoid the excessive accumulation of heat inside. In addition to technical fabric, clothing can also be made of synthetic or natural fibers, perfectly breathable and with high anti-cold and windproof properties. Choose the large motorstock showcase to buy only the best technology to be able to make the most of your thermal clothing. You will find universal cables to connect them directly to the motorcycle or compatible batteries that will allow you to travel comfortably and warmly. All our products are certified and guaranteed to be used safely and withstand the coldest temperatures without stopping working. Choose industry professionals for key products such as cables and batteries, allies dei motorcyclists in the colder months.