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Child Helmets

Children's helmets are designed and made specifically for them, since their garment is smaller and differently shaped than that of adults. It is therefore logical to expect a helmet suitable for their skull, smaller in size and necessarily of a smaller forma of the shell. This is also because the muscles of their neck and cervical, could not support and support the weight of an adult helmet.

From jet to integral

Just like for adults, even for children there are different types of helmets: from jet to integral, passing through motocross helmets. The modular modules are not in production. Jets are of course the lightest and most common. They weigh little, they are certainly more comfortable, but they are not protective in the event of a frontal impact (even when stationary the trauma can be very serious!). The full-face helmet is the second most common, it has a slightly higher weight but offers maximum protection in case of an accident, and obviously it is warm and protective against cold and atmospheric precipitation. Finally, the cross for children, takes up the shapes of those of adults with an elongated chin guard, sun visor and space reserved for glasses (mask).

Accessories and technical features

A very nice thing and not to be underestimated on children's helmets, is that if they are monochrome, you will often find dedicated helmet stickers , but in any case you can have them customized directly by your child. The closure in 99% dei cases is micrometric to facilitate the opening and closing of the helmet itself by the child. They are usually removable, so you can wash them without any problem. When necessary then, here you will find cleaning products.

What does the law say?

It seems correct to spend a few words regarding the Road Tourism Helmets Code. The minimum age to carry a child on two wheels, whether it is a motorcycle or a scooter, is 5 (five) years. All this is regulated by Article 170 paragraph 1 bis. The child must touch with the feet on the footrests, but if desired, child seats are available for transport, such as this one proposed by the Givi.


  • Lightness for jets
  • Safety for integrals
  • Sound insulation for integrals
  • Design for integrals


  • Speed noise for jets
  • Poor protection for jets

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